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Adrian, MI

vintage-style cigar bar
& members only lounge

Building on the rich 141-year history of the original building as a tobacconist shop, Chaloner's reopened in 2018 as a tobacconist, specialty bar and cigar lounge. It's ground floor spaces serve as a coffee house, a vintage candy shop, and cigar shop. The second and third floors act as bar and lounge spaces for the public and private members, respectively. 

a pool table with arched windows in the background
a cigar retail display
a lounge area with plants, arched windows and a skylight
a perspective of the second story bar
an image of the second story bar
a paneled lounge area, with storage vaults along the right wall
a tobacconist shop with display along the walls, and bins of candy
a visualization of the facade of the cigar company and coffee shop
three floor plans for the cigar shop, lounge, coffee shop and bar
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