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100-102 W. Michigan Ave

Ypsilanti, Michigan

This three-story, late1880’s Commercial Italianate building was covered in metal panels decades ago during one of the country’s “urban modernization” phases. The first floor restaurant closed early in 2018 and the upper floors have been vacant for years. Recently, rising property values in Ypsilanti have made restoration and redevelopment of this building, on a prominent downtown corner, feasible.


The project is beginning the first construction stage of a longterm multiphase renovation with the addition of an elevator and reworking of the upper floor egress, the next step will be the build-out of new restaurant space on the first floor. The income from the restaurant will help finance conversion of the second and third floors into modern office spaces. Finally, the extensive renovation of the façade, including removal of the metal panels and masonry repair, will begin.

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